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Tuesday 5th January 2021


Online Remote Learning


Dear parents and carers,


Following my earlier letter on 31st December 2021, the beginning of the school term on Wednesday 6th January will see the majority of our pupils being taught at home using a website platform called Google Classroom. In line with government guidance, Edward Wilson Primary School will only be open to children from vulnerable and Key Working families. If you and your partner (if in a two parent family) are both employed in Key Worker positions, then you can contact the school to request a place for your child / children. The school will remain open during normal school hours for children from vulnerable and Key Working families.


For all remaining pupils, we aim to provide online learning which is as close as possible to being taught within the classroom. Your child’s class teacher will set daily teaching and learning material using Google Classroom. Your child will be able to follow their class weekly timetable which will be displayed on Google Classroom as well as on the school’s website under the class home page.


Your child’s class teacher will also be available to provide feedback on any uploaded work or to help answer any work related questions. The class teacher will be contactable on Google Classroom each morning between 9am and 12pm.


In order for all children to have access to online learning, the Governing Body at Edward Wilson Primary School have invested a significant amount of money by purchasing Chromebooks to help ensure that each family has at least one computer device at home. If you would like to take up the opportunity of receiving a Chromebook for the remainder of the school year then please do contact the school office via telephone or email.

Parents who have already returned the loan agreement forms can collect a Chromebook from school on the following dates:


Years 5+6                              -                       Wednesday 6th January

Years 3+4                              -                       Friday 8th January

Reception and Years 1+2   -                       Monday 11th January


In addition to the class timetable, there will be weekly opportunities for all children to join class assemblies, engage in PE activities and enter competitions. Your child’s class teacher will also contact families over the telephone during the afternoons. These weekly phone calls may not be learning related, but instead an opportunity for the class teacher to speak with the family and check on your well-being.


We fully appreciate that school closures and remote learning is less than perfect however, the staff at Edward Wilson Primary School are doing all that they can to best ensure that your children continue to receives access to high standards of teaching and learning. Your child’s teacher will be contactable through Google Classroom and able to help with any learning questions that you or your child have. If you have any questions which are not directly learning related, then please contact the school office.


On behalf of the Governing Body and staff at Edward Wilson Primary, I hope that everyone remains safe and healthy, and I look forward to welcoming everyone back to school as soon as possible.


All the very best, and take care.


Darren Guttridge