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Safety Measures



Keeping Your Children Safe While at School


In order to safely provide an environment where our children and staff can safely return to school, we have needed to introduce a number of new measures. Please support the school by showing your full co-operation while we aim to operate in this new environment.


  • Please note that your child’s temperature will be taken by a member of the school’s leadership team on their arrival at school. If your child has a temperature above 37.7 degrees Celsius (the recognised threshold of a fever), then you will need to take your child home.


  • It is vitally important that you encourage your child to regularly wash their hands throughout the day; this routine will continue during school hours and greatly helps reduce to spread of the COVID 19 virus.


  • In line with Public Health England guidelines, if anyone within your household develops symptoms of COVID 19 then the entire household must self-isolate for 14 days.


  • Children who show symptoms of COVID 19 during the school day (sustained cough, raised temperature) will be taken to a safe area and a parent / carer will be contacted to take them home. Any child showing these symptoms (however mild) must stay at home for 14 days from when the symptoms started.


  • The school will operate a ‘bubble’ group system – the same adults and children will remain in the same bubble for the remainder of the school year. If any adult or child within the bubble tests positive for COVID 19, then the entire group must self-isolate at home (in line with guidance from Public Health England).