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School Closure

School Closure


Thursday 31st December 2020


Dear parent / carer,


Yesterday, the government announced that primary schools in certain boroughs would remain closed for pupils until Monday 18th January 2021. The borough of Westminster was identified as one of those areas. This means that Edward Wilson Primary School will only be open to children identified as vulnerable or from key working families.

For all other remaining pupils, we will be operating online learning through Google Classroom. This will start from Wednesday 6th January 2021.


Vulnerable children

The school will contact the families of children identified as ‘vulnerable’ on Tuesday 5th January. Please await the telephone call from school staff.


Key Workers

Both patents in a two parent family (or one parent in a single parent family) must be employed in a key worker profession in order for their children to attend school from Wednesday 6th January. The list includes: health and social care; education and childcare; public services; food and transport. If you have questions regarding your eligibility under the above criteria, you will be able to contact the school from Monday 4th January at 10am. 





Online Learning

Your child’s class teacher will prepare and set work for all children (those in school or those remaining at home) using Google Classroom. Your children and their teachers have become quite skilful in using this online platform to teach sequences of learning, and your child’s teacher will be on hand to help anyone who is experiencing any difficulties using this resource.

In December we began providing families with Chromebooks. It is our aim to ensure that each family has at least one computer device to use at home. We will continue to loan families a Chromebook, and I will share more information early next week around how you can collect a device from school.

School Meals

If your child is eligible for a free school meal (means tested), then you will be able to collect a packed lunch from the school each day. I will share further details around this on Monday.


I am aware that the part closure to our school may cause many of our families additional challenges, and I would much prefer that we were in a position where all schools could remain open. However, I am confident that your child will continue to receive high standards of teaching and learning from our hardworking staff.

Please continue to look at our school website for information, and if you have any urgent questions then the school office will be contactable via telephone and emails. Your child’s class teacher will also make weekly phone calls to help with any learning needs.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy New Year, and look forward to your safe return to school very shortly.



Mr. Guttridge

Executive Headteacher