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September Return to School


Tuesday 1st September 2020


Dear parents and carers,


I do hope that everyone is well and that you have enjoyed the lovely weather over the last few weeks. In preparation for the return to school on Thursday 3rd September, I want to share some of the measures and changes that we have made to help keep your children safe while attending Edward Wilson Primary School.


We all know the importance of children attending school every day and the impact that any missed attendance can have on their learning opportunities. However, in order to help keep everyone safe while at school, it is essential that children who show symptoms of COVID-19 do not attend school but instead stay at home, get tested and self-isolate for 14 days. You must then let the school know. It is also important that children stay at home and self-isolate if someone in their household has a symptom of COVID-19.


In order to reduce the risk of infection, children in each year group will be kept in ‘bubbles’. This means that year groups will not have contact with children in other year groups. In order to make the bubble approach work properly, we have changed the start and end times of the school day and the entrances and exists for each year group.


Please read a summary of some of the changes that we have introduced in order to make Edward Wilson Primary School as safe a place for your children as possible.


Summary of Changes


  • The school will operate staggered start and end times to the school day – a letter has been shared with you explaining the start and end times for each year groups. These times are also displayed on our website under – Parents, Opening Times.
  • All children and adults must sanitise their hands upon entry to the school building using one of the sanitising stations found at each entrance.
  • Everyone will wash their hands regularly throughout the day.
  • Children will be encouraged to follow the ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’ approach whenever coughing or sneezing into a tissue. There will be plentiful supplies of tissues kept in each classroom and throughout the building.
  • Whole school gatherings, such as assemblies, will not take place until further notice.
  • Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will eat lunch in the lower dining hall and upper dining hall in their year group bubbles. Surfaces will be cleaned after each service.
  • All other children (Years 2-6) will eat their packed lunch or hot school meal in their classrooms.
  • Increased cleaning routines will take place throughout the school day.
  • Visitors will only enter the school building for essential purposes only, and only ever with an appointment first. If you wish to meet with your child’s class teacher, or another member of staff, then please make an appointment through the school office through telephone or email.



Many of our families have told us that they enjoyed work and activities set on the school’s website, and the school is working hard to ensure that your children can continue to learn from home in the event that they are unable to attend due to COVID.


Everyone is looking forward to start of the new school year, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Edward Wilson Primary School on Thursday 3rd September.


Yours sincerely,


Mr. Guttridge             -           Executive Headteacher

Mrs. Page                  -           Head of School