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Year 6 Danube



Well done for being such a brilliant learner! Please check this page regularly for updates and photos of our learning.

Science - candle experiment at Westminster Academy

Talk homework

DT - electric game

Maths - statistics

History - the social and political importance of Buckingham Palace

Red Nose Day

Trip to the London Transport Museum

PSHE - How can the media influence people?

Literacy - hot seat

Science - electrical circuits

Mathematics - Number Talk

Literacy - class debate

Geography - after-effects of earthquakes

Science - Battle of the Beaks!

Mathematics - percentages of amounts

Science - inheritance

Christmas Jumper Day

Talk Homework

Science - researching the effects that drugs and diet have on our bodies

Science - dissecting sheep's hearts and lungs

RE - Inter Faith Week

Awareness Academy

Maths - solving maths investigations collaboratively

Black History Month - workshop with Don Rae

RE - learning about places of worship

Bloomfield Garden - identifying plants and trees

Geography - field work

Science - investigating shadows

Literacy - planning a poem collaboratively