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Year 3 Hudson


Well done for being such a brilliant learner!

Remember to check this page regularly for updates and photographs of our learning.

We have started learning about light and investigated which materials reflect light the most.

History - We made Iron age roundhouses. We used materials similar to what would have been available at the time.

We went on a trip to the library and were lucky enough to explore lots of lovely books.

In History we have been learning about the Bronze Age. We made bracelets in the style of Bronze Age jewellery.

In science, we have started learning all about forces and magnets. We have been thinking about how forces are at work all around us.

In art and DT we made clay pots as part of our learning on the Stone Age.

Maths - We have been working on our understanding of place value and formal written calculations.

History - We learnt about Stone henge and made our own models.

Literacy - We have been writing reports about Woolly Mammoths.