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Year 2 Rhine

Well done for being a super star learner! 

Remember to check this page regularly for updates and photographs of our learning.

Hindu Temple Neasden

We made fabric wall hangings in DT - it was a lot of work but they look great!

Look at all the incredible activities we did during Sports Day!

We acted out 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' in class today.

We enjoyed our trip to the library this week.

We've been learning about rotation in Maths this week.

Today we dissected plants!

We had a wonderful timing spotting wildlife in our local area!

We've been learning about fractions!

We are learning to divide!

We used play-doh to show what is sacred or special to us.

We performed the poem 'London's Burning'.

We can add two digit numbers together and check using the inverse!

We made houses to look like those that caught fire during The Great Fire of London.

We created an interesting range of 3D shapes using our unifix cubes.

Science Experiment - We tested a range of materials to see which one would make the strongest bridge.

In Science our new topic is Everyday Materials. We worked with a partner to create a 'material mobile'. We used a variety of different materials and described and compared their properties.

Maths - measuring capacity and mass

Library Visit

Visit from the Police on Stranger Danger

We used the green screen to record short films about the weather in Antarctica. Afterwards, we edited them on iMovie.

Using the iPads to research Emperor Penguins

In Maths, we compared amounts using the <, > and = symbols.

Geography - We investigated why countries near the equator are hot. We then looked in atlases to identify countries that were near and far from the equator.