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Reception Mississippi

Art and Spanish day. The children wore colourful clothes and painted in the style of the artist Teresa Martin Vivaldi using real flowers. They listened to a traditional Spanish story and took part in flamenco dancing. Also Reception took part in free drawing to music.

Our caterpillars turned into chrysalises, then after a couple of weeks beautiful butterflies emerged. We released them today!

Pirate Maths day was so much fun!

Retelling 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story

We can build and we can test our ideas using Marble Run!

Happy Father's Day!

Cultural Day- Reception enjoyed showing their costumes to their friends. Also, a story teller came in and told the story of Anansi the spider which the children loved! They joined in with dancing too!

Congratulations to this term's Governors' Award winner! We are all so proud of you!

This week, Reception told some super stories with their 'People Who Help Us' stick puppets!

Investigating floating and sinking. Reception discovered that wooden objects float. One child observed that the shell floated when it was upside down but sank when it was the right way up. Also one group of children worked together to find out that the apple floated when the water was deep enough. We are so proud of our young scientists!

Marvellous Mobilo models!

Earth Day 2021- Reception learnt about looking after our planet. The children learnt about reducing, reusing and recycling and they planted sunflower seeds in pots made from plastic bottles.

Spring flowers!


Taking part in Red Nose Day by wearing our pyjamas!

Congratulations to this term's Governors' Award winner! Well done, we are all so proud of you!

Reception made paper snowflakes with a sprinkle of glitter!

Playing and exploring

Reception love learning at home too! Here is some of the work the children have brought to school to show their friends.

After watching a videoclip about fireworks for Bonfire Night, Reception thought about when they may have seen fireworks before and the noises they make. Then the children made fireworks pictures using paint and glitter.

Autumn leaves finger painting!