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Year 3 Ganges

Well done for being such a super star!

Please check out our class page for updates and photos of our learning. 

Life Afloat - Learning about local canal history on The Floating Classroom

Art - Egyptian Canopic Jars featuring Duamutef and Qebesenhuef

History - Interviewing Howard Carter inside Tutankhamun's tomb

Literacy - Interviewing the Iron Man!

Literacy - Retelling The Last Polar Bears

Literacy - Professor Brownstone's Vault is open! Come and see the rare artefacts on display!

Literacy - The Tin Forest: Group Poems!

Reader's Theatre - Odd and The Frost Giants

Graffiti Wall - How to show your family you care!

Science Investigation - Does the length of your femur determine how far you can jump?

The Great Exhibition - Our junk prototypes for technology of the future!

Design and Technology - A greetings card with a mechanism

Science - exploring reflection in different materials.

Christmas Jumper Day

Autumn 2 - Inter Faith Week - We wore clothes that represented the different faiths and cultures in our wonderful class and discussed how important it is to LISTEN to each other.

Science - Exploring different forces

Met Police Workshop - Keeping safe in our community

Art - Kandinsky inspired responses to music!

Art - Preparing for our Kandinsky inspired artwork

BHM Don Rae Motown Dance Workshop - Excellent rhythm, Year 3!

Planting in the playground

History: Making Stone Age tools and cave pictures

Science: Classifying rocks by appearance and texture

Visit to Bloomfield Gardens to make nature inspired clay art work