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History of Edward Wilson

Our school is named after the explorer who died with Captain Scott in the Antarctic in 1912. He lived for a while on Bourne Terrace, near the school. 2012 was the Anniversary of the Polar Expedition where Scott and Wilson died. There were many exhibitions and events celebrating their achievements, including one at our school which displayed our whole school topic on the expedition.


The following facts about Edward Wilson were written our pupils:
• Edward Wilson went on an expedition to the South Pole with Captain Scott in 1911. They got to the South Pole on January 17th 1912 only to find that the Norwegian, Roald Amundsen had got there before them. Five men who went on this expedition and reached the South Pole – Scott, Wilson, Oates, Evans and Bowers – died on the way back.


• Edward Wilson was not just an explorer. He was an artist, a doctor and a scientist.
He first went to the Antarctic between 1901 and 1904. On this expedition he tried to collect Emperor Penguin eggs, but when he got to them he found that they had already hatched into chicks.



• Edward Wilson first worked as a doctor in London. He caught an illness called Tuberculosis which meant he had to stop work and spend a lot of time resting. It was during this time that he learnt to paint.


• Edward Wilson was born in Cheltenham in 1872. There is a statue of him in Cheltenham.


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