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Year 1 Taff

Welcome to Year 1 Taff class. Please check this page regularly for updates and for photos of our learning in class.

This week in computing we have been learning all about algorithm. In this lesson we had to give step by step instructions to help the chicken move safely.

This week we retold the story of "The Robot and the Blue Bird" written by David Lucas.

This week we preformed our seasons poems that we wrote in Literacy.

Coronation Celebration

This week we celebrated World Book Day! Well done everyone you all looked amazing.

On the last day of term we had a teddy bears picnic. We brought our teddy bears and some of our adults came. We made food and read books. We really enjoyed learning all about Paddington Bear. Thank you to everyone who came to our picnic!

This week we have been looking at different artist to help us create our own spring Collages. We looked at María Teresa Martín-Vivaldi art and David Hockney to give us some inspiration.

In Literacy we have been looking at what makes a good letter. We will be writing to Paddington Bear to tell him all about our learning in Geography. I n geography we have been looking at the weather and seasons.

We wanted to ask Paddington Bear some questions. We wrote our question on our white boards and interviewed him. We had great answers! Did you know Paddington favorite food is marmalade?

Literacy- This week we had Paddington Bear in the hot seat! We asked him lots of questions.

Geography- This term we are looking at the weather and seasons. We wrote our own weather forecast and presented it to the rest of the class.

Math- We have been looking at 2D shapes and their properties.

Retelling- The Three Little Pigs Story.

Anti-Bullying Week- The children created a poster to help us Reach Out!

Celebrating Inter Faith Week

The children had the opportunity to create their own flower ball. Which they will bring home soon to throw it somewhere where there is space and soil for some wildflowers to grow in Spring!

We created a self-portrait using different shapes and colour. Using the style of Pablo Picasso.

This week we had a safety workshop. The children really had fun.

WB 12th September 2022-This week was our first parent reading session. Thank you to all the parents who come to read with us! We are looking forward to seeing all again next week.