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Welcome to Reception Rio's class page! Please continue to check this page regularly to see some of the fantastic learning taking place in Reception.

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Reception class had a workshop with a gardener from Bloomfield Gardens. The children smelt different herbs such as mint, thyme and rosemary. Then they planted their own herb seeds to take home.

Reception enjoyed our Maths Day as part of London Maths Week!

Investigating floating and sinking

Reception enjoyed their library visit and they wanted to read their library books when they got back to school!

Number Talk- Odds and Evens- Reception learnt about odds and evens. The children talked with a partner about all the odds and evens they could see in a picture, then came back to the carpet to share their ideas with the rest of the class.

As part of their Minibeasts and Gardens topic, Reception visited a local allotment where they planted seeds and watered some plants. The children saw some vegetables and herbs growing and they were able to smell and feel some plants such as peas in a pod and mint. Then the children walked to Grand Junction, where they decorated a plant pot and planted seeds of their choice to take home. Finally they listened to the story 'A Tiny Seed'.

Some of Reception's magnificent minibeast artwork- Kandinsky snails, sewn spider's webs and symmetrical butterflies!

Reception class made Easter baskets and decorated them. Then the children had an Easter egg hunt which was very eggciting!!!!!!

This week Reception learnt about different types of materials, such as wood, plastic, glass and metal. They learnt about reducing, reusing and recycling, and thought about when they had recycled at home or school. Then the children made models out of boxes, tubs and plastic bottles. Reception created rockets, castles, robots, presents, laptops, binoculars and even a car and a bag!

Friday Family reading was a huge success and we look forward to seeing the parents in school again next Friday!

World Book Day was so much fun! All of the children dressed up and their favourite part was when Year 4 came to read to them!

A huge thank you to all the parents who came to the library with us! The children loved it and the librarian was very impressed by how beautifully all of the children sat and listened to the stories she read to them.

We love Maths! Reception have been gaining a deeper understanding of number to 10 this term, including the composition of each number.

Reception learnt about the artist George Seurat and pointillism art. They saw some examples of his work such as ‘A Sunday afternoon on the island of the grande jatte’. Then the children had a go at using dabbers to create their own pointillism picture of the forest in the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale they were learning about that week.

Number talk- Reception talked about different ways of making 8 with a partner

Reception used Fairy Tale maps to practise using directional language such as forwards, backwards, left and right. Then they applied their learning when using the controls to move a Beebot.

Parachute fun in PE!

Star Reader and Maths Competition Winners

Congratulations to our Autumn Term Governors' Award Winners!

When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney!

Still image for this video

Reception held real vegetables and they were supported to name them and describe them. They said which vegetables they liked to eat. Then the children drew the vegetables using oil pastels. Also Reception listened to the story Olivers Vegetables. They learnt about Farming and watched videos of tractors and combine harvesters. The children took part in a class discussion about harvesting vegetables. They sang the ’Underground vegetables’ song. Then Reception had the chance to dig up real vegetables in a tray full of compost in the classroom.

After listening to the story of The Little Red Hen, Reception made bread. The children learnt the names of the ingredients and the equipment used. They helped with measuring, pouring, and mixing. Then each child kneaded their piece of dough and shaped it into a shape of their choice. The dough was left to rise and then baked. Finally, Reception took their own bread home to share with their family.

All about numbers 2, 3 and 4!

Congratulations to this week's Reader of the Week. Well done!

After listening to the story of Dirty Bertie by David Roberts, Reception have been thinking about ways to keep clean, how to look after our teeth and how to look after a baby.

Reception and Nursery enjoyed their Zoom with the dentist this week! The children had a chance to talk about ways to look after their teeth- including brushing twice a day and drinking water rather than juice between meals.



Congratulations to this week's Reader of the Week! Well done!


Lots of performing this week! Retelling the Owl Babies story, singing for our friends and dancing on the stage!

Reception listened to the story ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson. Then the children created their own Owl babies picture by using sponges to paint the   bodies. After that they added further details by cutting and sticking branches and leaves, and painting and sticking the eyes and beak.

Amazing reading! Thank you to all the parents for reading at home and signing their children's reading records.

Congratulations to our Reader of the week! Thank you to all the parents for reading at home with your children and signing their Reading Record book. Please remember to keep the books in the special plastic reading bag, and bring the books in every Friday. 


Reception were busy exploring their garden and playground this week. The children practised using words such as bamboo leaves, woods, pond, goldfish, nest, bird box and spider’s web. They had a go at making some observational drawings.

Reception made paper doll collages as part of 'Ourselves' topic

The children have had fun exploring the resources and playing with their friends!