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Year 5 Amazon

Science - Separating materials

Science - We dissected flowers to look at all the different parts of a flower in detail.

PHSE - We learnt all about how to help someone in an emergency.

Year 5 Amazon - Library visit

Maths - We used a variety of different ways to investigate the properties of shape. We classified and organised shapes in to groups.

Geography - We looked at map projections and how accurate a flat map could be if representing a sphere. We made our own globes to see how the size and shape of the countries changed.

Science - investigating air resistance. We investigated if the size of the parachute affects how quickly it falls.

Science - Earth and Space. We used different objects to represent the planets and their distance from each other and the sun.

Maths - We embedded our understanding of division and used ipads to check our work using a QR code.