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Enquiry Styles

  • At Edward Wilson, we understand the interconnected nature of ‘scientific knowledge and concepts’ and ‘working scientifically’. Therefore, each lesson taught encompasses both elements and is delivered through one of the five areas of enquiry.
  • In 2019, the school held a competition to design characters to represent each of the five styles of scientific enquiry. The children’s characters were given to an artist who produce cartoon characters that the children see regularly in their lessons and make explicit the style of enquiry they are working in.

How do these characters help us?


Pattern Seeking Penelope helps us identify patterns in the data we collect.


Fair Test Fairy helps us complete comparative and fair tests. She reminds us to only change one variable. 


Classifying Claire helps us identify features that allow things to be organised into groups. 


Research Robert helps us gather and organise scientific findings. He helps us find background information to explain our observations. 


Time Tocky helps us make careful observations of objects or events over time.