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Year 4 Mekong

Welcome to Year 4 Mekong class. Please check this page regularly for updates and for photos of our learning in class. 

Science Week- We created a race track to explore magnetism.

In our history lesson, we went to the main hall to see if we could find out; when the Maya civilization began and ended, what event brought about the end of Maya civilization and what was going on around the world at the same time.

Today, we used our plan to make a Sheep Pen. We worked in groups to make the structure as well as the circuit. Once the gate is closed and the sheep are safely inside the pen, the bulb needed to light up.

The Digestive System - We had fun creating the digestive system in Science.

Joining the Roman Army- We practised some of the tactics the Roman army used.

Bloomfield Gardens Workshop - Planting tulips