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Marble painting tiger stripes after reading the Tiger who came to Tea

Fine motor fun! Developing the muscles in our hands so that we are ready to write!

Talk Homework- Round and round the garden

Governor's Award winner-Term Five. Amazing progress!

Making bird seed "cakes" to feed our garden birds

Summer is almost here! Making ice cream cones with my friends.

From caterpillars to butterflies- Lots of new life!

Making and matching 2D shapes

A virtual theater production from Akin Theater "We Cover the Universe". We really enjoyed joining in!

The Very Busy Spider-Spider Catching!

Planting bean seeds in the recycled plant pots we made for Earth Day

Hungry Caterpillars!

Governor's Award Winner- Term Four. Amazing progress at school and with home learning!

Sunny Days

Our new classmates! We have loved taking care of our chicks.

Red Nose Day 2021-Pyjama Day!

Back to school! We were so excited to see all of our friends in person!

Governors' Award Winner!

Planting daffodils! From the Blomfield Gardeners for us to look after til Spring to replant in our community garden.

Christmas is coming! We have decorated our tree, tasted some Christmas treats and decorated gingerbread men.

One of our favourite Fairy Tales is the Gingerbread Man. We loved making lots of gingerbread men and friends.

We are learning about shapes through play

Feeding our fish with Simon

Governors' Award Winner!

Fireworks on the smartboard