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Free School Meals For All Statutory School Age Children

8th December 2022


Free School Meals For All Statutory School Age Children (Reception to Year 6)


Dear Parents and Carers,


At present, all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive free school meals under the government scheme.


In order to support families with the current cost of living, Westminster City Council have decided to extend this offer and fund school meals for all children in Years 3-6 who are attending Westminster primary schools. The scheme will initially run from January 2023 to July 2024.


Families who may be entitled to benefit-based Free School Meals should continue to apply, to ensure that they continue to benefit from other support, such as food vouchers and activity schemes during the school holidays. Unfortunately, school meals for Nursery children are not funded.


We do request that any outstanding school meals payments, both historic and up to the end of term, are paid as we need to close down the old accounts prior to the free school meals offer. If possible, these must be paid by the end of term. The Office staff will be in contact with all families who have unpaid balances early next week to arrange payment.


This is a welcome measure to support our families, resulting in savings of over £430 per year. We hope you will all take up the offer of a hot, cooked meal every day.


Kind regards,


Darren Guttridge