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Keeping Our Children Safe


Dear parents and carers,


One of our key aims at school is help keep children safe while online and in the community. Sadly, there is a range of inappropriate material available online and our children could find themselves at risk if not correctly supervised when playing games online or when accessing social media.


We want to help our families to keep their children safe while online, and have organised a workshop at school to share some useful information and strategies. The workshop will be held at 9.00am on Friday 11th November. As part of the workshop, we will also show you how to set-up parental controls. If you would like to bring your children’s laptops or mobile phones along, then please do so and we can help put the filters and controls in place.


As a parent myself, I am also concerned around the risks that our children could be exposed to when outside the family home. To help educate and prepare our children about these risks and how to stay safe, the police will deliver workshops to all classes in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 through their schools’ programme, called Awareness Academy. These child-friendly workshops will help to keep our children safe and prepare them from some of the challenges which exist within our community.


If you would like more information around either the online safety workshop for parents, or the Awareness Academy workshops for children, then please do speak with me.




Darren Guttridge